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Italian craftmanship for cycling

Since 1987, we build top-quality cycling components choosing only the best materials and combining them with expertise, technology and innovation.

Race Program

Each product we develop is tested on the race tracks before we release it on the market. Our sponsored athletes, every season, try on our latest releases in order to give us extremely precious feedback that we use to improve and shape our ideas.

As an example, you may know Nicola Casadei, who tested our XL27 wheels in 2017 and won the European Enduro Championship with them.

As a result, we released the ultimate version to the public on the next season.

canadei_enduro_3 cime


What brought us to success is our constant effort to innovate our offer.
We experiment a lot while searching for our best recipe for every new sporting season, and are very proud of the results.

In early 2019, our biggest effort has been improving the Tubeless racing system and came up with many new solutions.

We are particularly proud to present you the VT+ (Tubeless Valve Plus), an innovative project dedicated to riders who wish have a better experience with their tubeless-tyred bikes.

Our Partners

Our products have been chosen by many of the most famous bike factories for their creations. Driven by the ambition of bringing Italian craftmanship to the world, we collaborated with names such as Bianchi, Passoni, Nevi and De Rosa. PMP Bike’s synergy with these creators developed thanks to the mutual intention to work with noble materials like titanium, carbon and alluminium.


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